moving sandscape

Discover A Deep Sense Of mental Calmness & Relaxation


With this serene, yet fascinating piece of moving sand art, bring new life into your space. We all need a stress-free environment and this beautiful piece of colorful sand art, resembling a landscape will light up your space.

Relieves stress

Relaxes your eyes

Increases patience

Improves mood

Increases intelligence

Moving Sand Art Picture Round Glass 3D


Whether or not you live a stress-lled lifestyle, having Moving sandscape™ throughout your environment is a positive way to ensure mindfulness and serenity.

The sand art relaxes your nerves and eyes, lowers tension and encourages patience when you watch colorful sand falling slowly and changing patterns. The soothing of the sand boosts intellect growth and improves mood.

Spark curiosity and let imaginations run wild with Moving sandscape™.


Moving sandscape™ Uses sealed glass, colorless liquid, extraordinarily colorful sand and the appropriate amount of bubbles to create Ever changing Scenic sandscapes.

You can watch the view of the mountains, deserts, valleys and dunes with pouring rain or a turbulent ocean that forms in front of your eyes.

sand art in glass moving sand art in glass moving sand


This beautiful sculpture can be rotated 360 degrees and forms beautiful sceneries covering mountains, deserts and oceans.

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moving sand art

Ray R.

11. 12. 2021



At first i wasnt sure about this thought maybe i would get it broken but this is one of the coolest thing i have gotten from Movingsandscape. I can watch it for hours and hours or just use it to meditate.

Lisa M.

11. 12. 2021



I love this in my office. I have found that starting it from different angles gives me double mountains or something like a blue sandy beach and different landscapes.

sand mountains

Brandon R.

11. 12. 2021



Really pretty sand flow. Goes nice and slow. Good decor piece. My husband absolutely loves this. He had one as a young adult and mentioned it to me in passing. I couldn’t resist buying one for him and he will just keep turning it and watching the sand fall!

Fine natural sand with distinct layers

falling sandscape art
moving sand art
landscape of sand
moving sand art picture
moving sand art picture round glass frame
Moving Sand Art Picture Round Glass 3D Deep Sea Sandscape


The center of the Moving sandscape™ is carefully designed with lead-free, crystal-clear round glass filled with colorful sand, allowing you to fully experience the full beauty of it.

Black rubber frame and lacquered wood base are made of strong and durable ABS, environmentally safe materials.

Composed entirely of water and sand, with an air barrier between the two. Together, these materials become a beautiful work of art.

moving-sand colored art-glass frame
moving sand art decor


Moving sandscape™ was designed to bring a modern look and elegant style into any room it’s placed in. It will create a relaxing aura and display your artistic side in your living room, bedroom, office, reception, cover or bookcase.

Moving sandscape™ will fit in anywhere and compliment the things around it!


You have to remove air bubbles from the picture through a syringe for the sand to flow properly.

You can modify the amount of air in your image using an inlet and the provided syringe to alter how long a run lasts. The longer it takes for the sand to soak through, the more air there is in your picture.


Check out our Moving sandscape™ collection and choose from multiple sand colors to match your space .

With its unique colorful sands, enjoy random sandscapes and unique mesmerizing patterns with every turn.


Moving sandscape™  presents itself as a unique gift to any of your loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries . It is especially suitable for artists, photographers, office workers and students.


No, each color has a different weight and never combines into a single mass of colors; instead, they always band or stripe together in some form.

Every time you turn the sand over, the time it takes for the sand to fall from top to bottom will vary. It should take on average more than 45 minutes to complete a decent turn, which is defined as getting the bubbles to go all the way across the sand to create an air barrier. If it takes longer than a few hours, don’t be shocked! You should to receive at least 15 minutes with a good turn.

Austrian spring water.

The frame can be removed from the base, yes.

It does. You can then turn it over like an hourglass in this manner.

There is a tiny hole in the rim of the disc that is supposed to allow you to release air that gets trapped in there. A small syringe should allow the release of the air, which in turn should allow the sand to fall better.

the regulator is an ordinary syringe, because it is a medical product and cannot be sent by ordinary sea transportation, so I am sorry to trouble you to buy one locally. The syringe is only used when there is very little water level inside, it is usually not needed,

In theory, if all the sand had the identical density, it should mix, but similar colors tend to clump together thanks to their similar densities, so that they don’t mix. This causes the effect of making meaningful landscapes without it looking sort of a jumbled mess.

It doesn’t include a wall mount, but it does have a base mount. We recommend getting a floating shelf if you’d prefer to put it on the wall.

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